Steven Bendler as Walter and Teresa Gasparini as Gussie

Get yourself a ticket to the best show in town! Cookin’ with Gus is a hilarious comedy written by Jim Brochu and creatively directed by Louisa Vilardi. This charmingly funny play is a must see!

Famous food columnist and cookbook author, Gussie Richardson, has been offered her own television show. Her boyfriend of 18 years, agent, and wacky neighbor all try to help her overcome her stage fright, but all attempts lead to hilarious disasters!

Cookin’ with Gus stars Teresa Gasparini, Steven Bendler, Jeffrey Sculley, and Laurel Riley-Brown. These four work together so naturally to bring us the perfect heartwarming comedy. 

Teresa Gasparini is impressive as Gus, a food columnist and cookbook author who is fearless except when it comes to being in front of the camera. Gasparini delivers with zest and spunk as she maneuvers through her fears of commitment, preparation for her cooking show and a final decision regarding her future with Walter.

Steven Bendler is a marvel on stage as he plays Walter, an amateur hypnotist and animal lover who swears he can cure Gussie’s stage fright. Bendler balances comedic moments and dramatic tension with ease as we root for him, even as he tries to sabotage Gussie’s chance at stardom.

Teresa Gasparini as Gussie & Jeff Sculley as Bernie

Jeff Sculley plays Gussie’s ever persistent agent, Bernie. Hitting every entrance with eccentricity fueled energy but also delivering tender, poignant moments when called for, Sculley is a pure joy to watch.

Laurel Riley-Brown is the alcohol enthused, fortune telling next door neighbor, Carmen, and is filled with light hearted gusto. Riley-Brown adds another level of charm and quirkiness to the production.

Laurel Riley-Brown as Carmen

Louisa Vilardi’s deft direction brings us into Walter and Gussie’s home allowing the audience to feel right at home pulling us into the intimate moments between the two and the wild moments during Gussie’s final audition for her cooking show.

For a delicious meal, a heartwarming play and to see if Gussie makes it both in her personal and professional life, go see Cookin’ with Gus running through March 22, 2020 at Clove Creek Dinner Theater in Fishkill, NY. For tickets and more information, please visit

Steven Bendler as Walter & Teresa Gasparini as Gussie

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