Clove Creek’s Comedic Production of Jerry Finnegan’s Sister Helps Us Revisit Innocence and Easier Days

Review By Louisa Vilardi

You don’t want to miss Clove Creek Dinner Theater’s entertaining production of Jerry Finnegan’s Sister. Written by Jack Neary and brilliantly directed by Anna Marie Paolercio, this production will bring you back to the early days when love was so simple.

After almost 2 decades and many failed attempts, Brian Dowd (Vinny Granata) finally musters up the courage to do what he should have done many years ago. Growing up next door to his crush and best friend’s sister, Brian is a quintessential boy next door who is his own biggest obstacle when it comes to Beth (Jasmine Canziani) who he just cannot seem to win over because he is too afraid to ask her out.

This two-character play moves quickly and draws the audience back to early childhood days and fond (or not so fond!) memories of dating, our first kiss, and never ending jealousy. The play travels through the characters’ lives starting at the age of 7 and evokes many missed opportunities in life, which audiences can relate.

Vinny Granata as Brian Dowd

Vinny Granata as Brian Dowd is impressive as he carries a heavy load of lines while also narrating the plot. He seamlessly moves through characters, ages, and moments allowing us to follow along and keep on rooting for this boy next door.

Jasmine Canziani as Beth (Jerry Finnegan’s sister) is simply luminous and shines from start to finish. Canziani dominates the stage with each entrance and fills the stage (and room) with passion and energy, making it easy for us to understand why Brian is so in love.

Jasmine Canziani as Beth Finnegan

Anna Marie Paolercio’s skillful direction is key to this production as she fills the small stage with the facades of two neighboring homes helping pull us into the intimate moments between Brian and Beth.

For a delicious meal, a heartwarming play and to see if Brian finally gets the guts to ask Beth out, go see Jerry Finnegan’s Sister running through June 23, 2019 at Clove Creek Dinner Theater in Fishkill, NY. For tickets and more information, please visit

Louisa Vilardi

Louisa Vilardi is a writer and theater director who lives in New York with her husband and two sons.  Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Today Parenting Team, and Scary Mommy. More

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