One Night Encore Presentation!

Inappropriate Relationships presented by YER Productions at Cunneen-Hackett Theater!

Amanda Baumler and Jim Granger in Misogynistic Shoes

Theater-goers relish the comfort of seeing a classic Neil Simon play, or delight in a good old-fashioned Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. However, there is something to be said for going to see an original work to which you have no ties, and can just be in the moment taking in a new, untold story.

As part of the series of stage plays entitled Inappropriate Relationships, YER Productions introduces the audience to several original works in one evening of diverse, humorous, and heart-felt theater. This production is an encore presentation after receiving its debut in early January in Poughkeepsie, followed by a performance at the Tuscon Fringe Festival in Arizona.

Gavin Kayner’s Misogynistic Shoes is a hard-driven suspenseful one act complete with an utterly shocking finale that will leave audiences ruminating long after the lights fade to black. Charlie, a middle-aged urbane man, roiling with inner turmoil, convinces Mavis, a free-spirited young woman to enact his darkest fantasy.

Carol Elkins in Winter in a Summer House

Continuing under the umbrella of Inappropriate Relationships are three short plays by local playwright, Carol Elkins, which have never failed to make people laugh.  The endearing humanity of these characters makes us laugh with them just as we laugh at ourselves. Who among us has not been in some sort of an inappropriate relationship at some point? 

Waxer, the first in the series, tells the amusing short tale of a housewife and a vacuum cleaner salesman can’t resist each other’s charms. This is followed by The Secret Life of Mother Pig where the heroine, in a final grasp at romance, picks the most unlikely suitor of all: The Big Bad Wolf. Lastly is Winter in a Summer House in which a genteel old lady engages a young companion to spend the long winter months in a TV inspired romantic fantasy.  These three plays are directed and written by Carol Elkins and performed by a talented group of actors who are no stranger to the local theater scene: Amanda Baumler, Jim Granger, Laurel Riley-Brown, and Nick Salyer.

Nick Salyer, Carol Elkins, and Laurel Riley-Brown in Winter in a Summer House

This out-of-the-box performance is scheduled for one night only on March 23, 2019 at Cunneen-Hackett Theater (12 Vassar Street – Poughkeepsie) at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased following this link:  or can be purchased at the door.This material is for adult audiences only and contains adult themes and strong language.

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